About Coaching

Coaching is not about problem solving, it's a way to carve out a moment when you can reflect on what's happening in your life and/or work. The focus of coaching is to enhance your life, developing personal strengths, creating patterns of success, and building reserves as opposed to believing that life is a problem that needs fixing. It's a sort of "mind workout" that gives you a fresher outlook on things, similar to the way that regular physical workouts will positively affect your body and spirit.

Coaching can be used for you in a way similarly for professional athletes:

  • to become better at what you're naturally good at
  • to perform at peak capacity 
  • to achieve a goal by performing a series of steps and exercises over a period of time

Initial work together explores your current situation, what's working and not working, and explore solutions to create a pathway to where you ultimately want to go. Extensive tools and methods are utilized to tailor an experience that is right for you.

This is not meant to be easy work. It is necessary to experience the inner self in order to realize what it will take for you to feel true success. However, taking small, realistic steps, over time you will find you have transformed into a new, more meaningful and fulfilling life.

About Daphne

Daphne Domingo is a personal & professional life coach and holistic healer trained in shamanic healing, Reiki, hypnotherapy, EFT and personal empowerment. She has a special talent in unveiling the unique authenticity of her clients and transforming them from the “impossible” mentality into “I’m possible” by inspiring her clients to overcome their obstacles, get in touch with their internal wisdom and reconnect with their authentic truth in order to achieve their greatest success. She founded the Center for Authentic Living in Seattle, WA in 2006 and has brought her practice to the other Washington in 2010. In addition to her private coaching practice, Daphne serves a consultant and freelance writer/photographer specializing in adventures in taste, travel and transcendence.

In 2006, she founded the Center for Authentic Living in Seattle, WA to help individuals in all stages of their lives and careers get to the heart of their core selves to achieve their goals in all areas of life, live more authentically, and live fearlessly. After doing some extensive work in Washington, DC, she decided to make her official move to the nation's capital in 2010.

She earned her professional degree from Coach U and a Bachelors of Science in Information Systems from the University of San Francisco. She has also studied Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Tapping/EFT and personal empowerment with many of the leading natural medicine practitioners including indigenous shamans and spiritual leaders.

She brings over 20 years of professional experience assisting dignitaries, executives, administrators, artists and teams to become more successful in their goals, careers, performance and home lives. Organizations she has worked with include: Zymogenetics, Vulcan, Shorenstein, RCM (formerly Allianz-Dresdner Capital Management), University of San Francisco, University of Washington, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the White House Office of Correspondence, and operation:eatery, a consulting agency that specializes in the culinary industry.